Save 20% on ANY PetSafe Fence System

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Save 10% Off ANY 
No-Pull Harness

#1 Recommended 
No-Pull Harness

Veterinarian Created 
Over 15 Years Ago

Perfect-Fit Guarantee

Easy Walk® Harness

Shop Now — $22.95

The Harness That Gently Stops Your Dog From Pulling

“Absolute must-have for any dog that pulls.”

Take Control of Walks.

Unique loop redirects pulling comfortably

Shop Now — $22.95

See How It Works

As your dog pulls or lunges, the specially designed loop tightens, putting gradual pressure on your dog’s shoulders, allowing you to help redirect their focus. 

Shop Now - $22.95

Stop Your Dog From Pulling Once and For All

Create a better walking experience for you and your best friend.